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Webinars  |  Workshops  |  1:1 Coaching (coming soon)


Expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills on UX design, strategy, and data visualization, from the comfort of your desk.



Do you prefer an in-person training session? We can customize a workshop to your specific audience and event.

Why webinars?

✈️ You can save on travel and accommodation expenses.

💻 You can attend virtually from your own home or office.

🙌 You have a live experience instead of watching a video.

🖐️ You get to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

🌍 You can dial in from any timezone, anywhere in the world.

Webinar Topics

We cover insights, tips, and best practices on topics such as UX design, creative strategy, data visualization, and visual culture.​ Our curriculum will change over time and some webinars will reoccur.

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Workshop Topics

Our workshops cover a vast array of subjects, including:

  • The fundamentals of Data Visualization.

  • Building a Team Vision, Mission, and Values.

  • Building Empathy with Users & Stakeholders.

  • Mastering soft skills for creative professionals.

  • Managing UX at Scale.

  • UX Design 101.

Let's plan it

We are happy to work with you and accommodate your workshopping needs, from an intimate company session to a large segment in a conference, seminar, or festival. We would love to hear more details.

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