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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

We offer this training models:



We offer a set of webinars for you to expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills on UX design, strategy, and data visualization.

February 26th, 2020

UX Design Principles Everyone Should Know

In this webinar we will cover a comprehensive list of design principles and guidelines in order to better organize, display, memorize, and interact with information. The talk will pull from a variety of fields and practices, and showcase multiple examples from different products, platforms and services.

Coming soon...

Presentation Design:
Tips & Tricks

In this 1-hour session you'll learn several strategies on how to effectively present an idea or design solution. The webinar will cover how to ask the right questions before putting together a presentation, how to structure and format it in a compelling way, and finally, it will showcase relevant examples and resources.

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Do you prefer an in-person training session? We can customize a workshop to your specific audience and event.

Why webinars?

✈️ You can save on travel and accommodation expenses.

💻 You can attend virtually from your own home or office.

🙌 You have a live experience instead of watching a video.

🖐️ You get to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

🌍 You can dial in from any timezone, anywhere in the world.

Webinar Topics

We cover insights, tips, and best practices on topics such as UX design, creative strategy, planning, data visualization, and visual culture.​ Our curriculum will change over time and some webinars will reoccur in the future.

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Webinar Q/A

Q: What's a webinar?

A webinar is a presentation held via the Internet in real-time.

Q: Will I get a recording of the presentation?

Yes. A link to the recording will be emailed to you within hours of the event.

See full Q/A list

Topics covered

Our workshops cover a vast array of topics, such as:

  • Building a Shared Vision.

  • Creating a Team Mission.

  • Building Empathy with Users & Stakeholders.

  • Design Biases to Avoid.

  • Design Attitudes to Adopt.

  • Managing at Scale.

  • Building a Datavis Team.

  • Ethical Information Design.

Let's plan it

We are happy to work with you and accommodate your workshopping needs, from a small company session to a segment in a large conference or seminar. We would love to hear more details.


This is a highly customizable session just for you. The goal is to improve your ability to influence, deliver impact, and sell your idea.

The power to influence

Having a great solution to a problem is rarely enough. Developing the right set of soft skills and knowing how to focus, persuade, collaborate and push it through is often more important, no matter how brilliant your idea is. My coaching sessions are not about technical skills. They are about empowering you to become a more knowledgeable, self-reliant, and successful creative professional no matter what stage you are in your career.

One-on-one sessions

We can speak as often as you need. We can make this a one-off session, or meet every week/month. I'm flexible to accommodate what you require at any given moment. Before each session, I will ask you to send me a bullet point list of 3-5 talking points for us to discuss. This helps me prepare in advance, helps us stay focused, and maximize each session.


If you would like to schedule a session, you can pick an open time slot. Following payment, an invite with a Zoom link will be added to your calendar. If you run into any technical problem please email me directly.

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