Visualization Workshop

In this 1-day workshop you'll get to know the key
milestones in Visualization, from the first maps and
diagrams to current day computer-driven executions.
We'll look at various frameworks for information
visualization and a complete taxonomy of models, tools
and techniques. Following an in-depth analysis of
critical projects in a variety of domains, we will delve
into a set of important visualization principles and
guidelines for a successful depiction of information.

Nothing currently scheduled.
UX Design Workshop
UX Design is one of the most in-demand disciplines of
our time. Today, the physical interaction with a product
relies heavily on its digital interface, from a tablet to a
kiosk, from a website to a watch. The role of UX design
is to maximize users' satisfaction, by making the
experience more usable, accessible, and enjoyable. 

In this 1-day workshop, we will cover the basics of user
experience design and take a deep dive into the
complete user-centered design process, from research
to implementation, including areas like: surveys,
personas, scenarios, user journeys, mental models,
wireframes, A/B testing, web analytics, and much more.
Register for the next one:
September 25, 2015
(New York City)
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